Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 opening issue

Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 opening issue
Photo by Marcus Löfvenberg / Unsplash

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is one of the best video editors in the market, favored by many creatives. However, with every new version or update, the software is prone to bugs and glitches. A problem that users may face concerns the release of Adobe Premiere Pro CC Version 22.6.1, which potentially leads to an issue with opening a project.

After updating to this version, you might get a blank gray window instead of your workspace windows. A simple workaround for this issue is launching workspace windows one at a time (Source, Program, etc.) or creating a new blank project, and then opening an existing project. However, these methods can be time-consuming and counterproductive.

The problem seems to be tied to workspace layouts. By deleting the workspace layouts stored under 'Documents > Adobe > Premiere Pro > 22.0 > Profile-XXXXX > Layouts,' most users found their issue resolved and could successfully open their projects. This step suggests the issue may involve corrupted or outdated workspace layouts, and clearing them allowed the program to regenerate the defaults.

If you have a custom workspace saved under one of the default workspace names, do ensure old workspace layouts from outdated versions of Adobe Premiere Pro do not linger in your system, as they may also cause issues when using the updated versions of the software.

Therefore, while Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a competitive video maker and YouTube video editor, it's crucial to troubleshoot issues correctly for smooth video editing sessions.

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