Choosing the Right Video Editor: Key Considerations

Choosing the Right Video Editor: Key Considerations

Video editing has become an indispensable skill in today's digital age. Whether you're producing a professional film or simply looking to jazz up your personal vlog or podcast, a capable video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro CC is your best bet. Choosing the right video editor is not always an easy task. It can be an overwhelming process, given the myriad of options available. There's no 'one-size-fits-all'; the choice often comes down to personal requirements and preferences. In this post, we walk you through the key considerations you need to make when choosing a video editor.

Quality of Video Editing Tools

A simple video editor might suffice for beginner-level editing but for more advanced tasks, you need a video editor that comes integrated with high-grade tools. The ability to cut and trim video, add basic effects, transitions, texts or titles are just the very basics. Professional video editing requires precision-grade tools that offer control over color grading, audio levels, multiple video tracks, overlay tracks, keyframes and mask work. These features elevate your video from just ordinary to extraordinary.

Multi-Track Editing Capability

If you're handling projects with multiple video tracks, such as interviews or podcasts, then a multi-track video editor should be on top of your list. An editor with the capability of syncing multiple video tracks makes editing podcasts and interviews a breeze. It follows the speaker's sound and shows their video, ensuring that what is seen and heard is in perfect harmony.

User Experience

While you might be in awe of the powerhouse that is Adobe Premiere Pro CC, the highly professional toolset may come across as complex if you're a beginner in the video editing realm. A steep learning curve is a downside of an otherwise sophisticated video editor. Easy navigation, intuitive user interface and the ability to finish tasks with minimum clicks are part of a good user experience. A simple video editor that is beginner-friendly but also covers a good range of tools can be your go-to.

AI Capabilities

The latest trend in video editors is the implementation of AI or artificial intelligence. The AI feature in a video editing software is capable of performing tasks such as removing filler space, cutting out silences, or even adding zoom to key moments according to the spoken word. An AI video editor can also detect repeated takes and remove them, helping to create a clean and uninterrupted video.

Complementary Features

Look for software that does more than just edit videos. Other features like the ability to detect chapters and generate stylized divider clips can enhance the overall video experience for your audience. Can it remove repetition when the speaker has done multiple takes? Can it remove fillers when there are too many umms and aahs? These might seem like small details but can go a long way in improving the final output.

Platform Independence

Whether you're a Mac, Windows, or Linux user, the video editor of your choice should be compatible with your operating system. Cross-platform consistency is an important aspect to consider. The ability to share your edits across different platforms not only provides flexibility but also ensures that your work can be viewed, modified and delivered from just about anywhere.


Who doesn't love a free editing tool? Yet, choices often come with a price tag. It's important to do a cost versus benefit analysis. Luckily, most video makers offer a free trial period. Capitalize on this window to experiment and ensure the software is worth the price.

Given the abundance of video editing tools out there, it can be a challenge to sift through and decide on the best video editor. But once you prioritize your needs, the task becomes rather simple. In conclusion, Adobe Premiere Pro CC meets a lot of these requirements, but it comes with a steeper learning curve, and the price may be prohibitive for some. For those seeking a more user-friendly tool, you might want to give the FireCut plugin a spin.

FireCut is a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, designed to make your editing process more efficient. It automatically removes silences from raw footage, adds J-cuts -- where the audio cuts before the video does, and even includes a feature to add zoom at key moments based on what is being spoken. It detects chapters and generates beautiful Divider Clips which can be shown throughout your YouTube videos. What's more, it uses AI capabilities to remove filler words and poor takes, further streamlining your editing process. Best of all, FireCut offers a free trial, giving you a chance to test out its capabilities firsthand.

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