Essential Guide to Modern Video Editing Techniques

Essential Guide to Modern Video Editing Techniques

Video editing has come a long way as technology has advanced. Advanced technological improvements have enabled creators to easily create videos with a level of control and finesse that would not have seemed possible even a few years ago. Just as animation and motion graphics techniques have improved over the years, video editing is evolving as well… it is not inconceivable that AI will eventually play a significant role in the video creation process from scripting, filming, editing, all the way to publishing..

There are many modern video editing tools available in the market like Wondershare Filmora, Capcut, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro. While all tools have almost similar basic video editing features like controlling frames, speed, making cuts etc. The choice of tool depends on the type of content the editor is aiming for. Most short-form video creators go for Capcut as it is easy to access and is mobile-friendly. Video editors creating more involved content requiring a lot of attention to detail tend to rely on more advanced desktop editors such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve as they prefer to customize the video in great detail. These kinds of software allow them advanced level editing like color grading, changing backgrounds, smooth transitions etc.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a fairly common editing tool amongst video editors. However, it has quite a steep learning curve and can be quite time-consuming for video editors to get started with. There are a few hacks which editors use to overcome these issues.

Firstly, there are many ready-to-use presets available online which editors can use on any video to fix the basics. A preset allows users to add transitions, effects or motion graphics. It also allows them to color grade with just a simple click. But the downside is that it is a specific style only and does not allow the user to customize according to their preference.

Secondly, to customize the videos better they can use AI video editing tools like FireCut.

FireCut is a plug-in for Premiere Pro which automates tedious video editing tasks for the editors and they do not have to sit for hours viewing the footage again and again to fix small bits. FireCut does it with just a click! Some of the cool features that FireCut offers include:

• Automated captions in more than 50 languages

• AI based chapters

• Footage clean-up (removing repletion and silences)

• Zoom cuts for adding depth in videos

• And many more!

FireCut is an extremely helpful tool for any video editor as it saves a lot of time and allows them to focus more on creativity while producing higher quality output. AI is rapidly taking over the world of video editing by introducing great efficiency and creativity that has no limits. These AI driven tools have now become essential for all modern video editors allowing them to automate their basic tasks and even make complex decisions. So join the AI revolution now!

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