Solving Issues with RED Raw Footage in Adobe Premiere Pro

Solving Issues with RED Raw Footage in Adobe Premiere Pro
Photo by Jakob Owens / Unsplash

In the expansive and dynamic realm of video editing, users often encounter varying difficulties with specific software tools. One such issue recently observed among users revolves around the stability of Red Raw footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Here, we delve into this problem and offer a solution pioneered by the video editing community.

Based on user experiences, the issue seems to particularly plague Apple silicon users, causing frequent crashes during playback and export on Adobe Premiere Pro CC versions 23.3 and beyond. Such a problem can put considerable stress on the workflow, particularly when working with heavy video files from multiple RED sensors, such as Helium, Epic-W, and Komodo-X.

Although switching to proxy files typically solves crashing issues, many professionals find it imperative to work with RAW footage, especially during the coloring process. This is where the challenge lies - setting up an efficient workflow while maintaining high-quality video outputs.

A possible workaround that came to light with the technical exchanges among users is changing the Red camera recording setting from Legacy Color to IPP2. Although making this change does require the camera to be in IPP2 mode while recording, it was found to effectively reduce the instability and crashes, especially with the Adobe Premiere 24.1 version with Apple's M1 / M2 chips. Consequently, editing and exporting workflows become smoother, enhancing efficiency in the video editing process.

In essence, improving the stability of Red Raw footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CC may be achieved by applying technical measures such as switching the recording setting from Red Legacy Color to IPP2. Such solutions underline the ever-evolving landscape of video editing, inviting software developers and users alike to adapt continuously to sustain high-quality outcomes.

However, remember, this is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and you may need to experiment and find the method that perfectly suits your unique editing style and project requirements.

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