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300 processing minutes per month

300 processing minutes

Silence cutting

Silence cutting

Animated captions in 50+ languages

Animated captions

AI Emojis

AI Emojis

AI zooms

AI zooms

AI repetition removal

AI repetition removal

AI filler words removal

AI filler words removal

AI B-roll

AI B-roll

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FireCut Discord community

Our customers LOVE FireCut

Our customers
LOVE FireCut

  • We’ve been using it since the beta version. It saves so much time with every edit!


    Physiotherapy education

  • Our team was using AutoPod for the last 6 months or so, but after extensive testing FireCut was the easy choice.


    Podcast production agency

  • FireCut saves me so much time! I have never looked back. In fact, it is the reason I switched from FCPX to Adobe Premiere Pro.


    Editor, Ali Abdaal

  • FireCut is very useful! We’ve been using it to remove silences from our studio coverage, and it's working quite well.


    Film production studio

  • 5 stars! I really love FireCut. It’s the next big thing.


    Director, cosmetics brand

  • FireCut lets us deliver 20+ more billable hours every week! Absolutely phenominal.


    Marketing agency owner

  • I LOVE the captions feature in FireCut. I've been using it for all of my clients. 

    Cessna Creative

  • The first day using FireCut was insane, finished 17 edits at work today!

    Martin Nguyen


  • Best tool ever!!! It has now become an essential part of my workflow, saving me hours of work. I absolutely love it.

    Aditya Nagpal


  • I am absolutely amazed on how well FireCut works, it really feels like magic! This is saving me hours of work.

    Editor Bzzuf


  • FireCut has actually been a gamechanger for all of the work I do! Over the last few weeks it has made my job infinitely easier



  • FireCut is amazing, literally helped me get a video 90% done in 2 hours, usually they were taking me around 5-6!



  • The fact that it could create chapters for the most random gameplay commentary of my client and wasnt wrong once is amazing! Insane stuff.